Chemistry Institute for IIT in Bhagalpur

Best Chemistry Institute for IIT in Bhagalpur

Rank wise Top 10 Chemistry Institute for IIT in Bhagalpur

Rank Name Location

Reshmi Chemistry Classes

Urdu Bazar, Bhagalpur


Praveen Institute Of Chemistry

Mirjanhat Chowk, Bhagalpur


Chemistry JEE Classes

Khanjarpur, Bhagalpur


Paramount Chemistry Classes

Barari, Bhagalpur


Satish Chemistry Classes

Khanjarpur, Bhagalpur


Sigma Chemistry Classes

Khanjarpur, Bhagalpur


CNM Chemistry Tuition Point

Lalbagh, Bhagalpur


Bonding Chemistry Classes

Khanjarpur, Bhagalpur


Ignite Classes

Kachahri Road, Bhagalpur


ABC Chemistry Classes

Urdu Bazar, Bhagalpur

Urdu Bazar, Bhagalpur, Bihar 812001


RESHMI CHEMISTRY CLASSES Urdu Bazar Bhagalpur is a Top Chemistry classes in the Category Tutorials, also known for Chemistry Classes for NEET, Chemistry Institute for IIT in Bhagalpur. At RESHMI CHEMISTRY CLASSES we focus more on grooming mental level of the students along with developing their knowledge, confidence,speed,accuracy and right temperament to face the exam. It providing an affordable and unparalleled learnig in a supportive and caring environment that leads student to successfully complete their goals. It also provide guidance for general competition only chemistry part in short time period full syllabus only in 2/3 months .

Kamla Complex, Above Archana Medical, Mirjanhat Chowk, Bhagalpur, Bihar 812005


PRAVEEN INSTITUTE OF CHEMISTRY is One of the best Chemistry classes in Bhagalpur with the best faculty. They are offering their course to prepare for IIT, JEE (main+Adv) and medical with the cool infrastructure and modern three-dimensional study with projector and a well-maintained classroom. PRAVEEN INSTITUTE OF CHEMISTRY is an ideal institute for preparing students for IIT, Medical, NEET, 11th, and 12th. It is right time & place to strengthen your arms against all upcoming competitive exam in near feature . like JEE AIPMT, NEET and all other government job related exam have same syllabus related to chemistry paper. This is a best Chemistry Coaching Institute in Bhagalpur. 

Unnamed Road, Khanjarpur, Bhagalpur, Bihar 812001


If you are looking for the best  Chemistry coaching for Chemistry Institute for IIT in Bhagalpur. CHEMISTRY JEE CLASSES provide Classes in ALL SUBJECTS for students aspiring for IIT-JEE/NEET/AIIMS as well as for those who are preparing for 11th &12th School/Board exams BY MOST RENOWNED AND EMINENT FACULTIES. It's prepare students with subject knowledge as well as the skill to apply in competitive as well as board examination. To be successful these components are equally critical and essential. CHEMISTRY JEE CLASSES is a most famous Chemistry Classes for IIT JEE in Bhagalpur. 

Zero Mile, Barari, Bhagalpur, Bihar 813210


Attended demo classes of best Chemistry Teacher in Brari, Bhagalpur. It also majority of the Institutes and Online courses are teaching how to solve the Chemistry problems without focusing on concepts. All concepts are explained by the examples so that even a weak student understand and implement to solve exercises easily. Tricks are also discussed to solve many problems in a very small time. Class notes are provided which contains all problem oriented concepts with examples. Chapter wise tests are held to see the performance of the students. Our Faculties : We are a team of highly qualified professionals who have a vast experience in education.

Beside SBI ATM, Khanjarpur, S.M. College Road, Bhagalpur, Bihar 812002


If you are looking for the best Chemistry Coaching classes for Chemistry Faculty for IIT JEE in Bhagalpur. SATISH CHEMISTRY CLASSES provide the best competitive environment for IIT-JEE/NEET/AIIMS. Our structure is newly designed. Methodology of teaching is scientifically prepared which develops the educational & problem understanding, solving, expressing skills of students. You are recommended to switch our institute in Bhagalpur nearby Khanjarpur to get complete knowledge of complete knowledge of Chemistry for competitive and class XII exams.

Khanjarpur, Bhagalpur, Bihar 812002


Find the best Chemistry Coaching for Chemistry Tuition Centre, Chemistry Institute for IIT in Bhagalpur. SIGMA CHEMISTRY CLASSES provides high Quality truly competitive examination oriented study material, well balanced training on respective Technical as well as Non-Technical subjects by a group of Renowned, highly experienced & dedicated Professors and Experts. This is the best Chemistry Coaching and Tutorial for 11th, 12th and Chemistry Classes for IIT JEE in Bhagalpur. 

Near Sarai, Lalbagh, Bhagalpur, Bihar 812002


Find the most experienced 11, 12th Chemistry Teachers, Best Chemistry Coaching for Bihar Board, Chemistry classes and Tutorials in Bhagalpur. Join CNM CHEMISTRY TUITION POINT in Bhagalpur. They are trying to reach to every student to provide them best support for their after-school education through best classes. For enhancing the skills and knowledge of their students, their coaching center also conducts Regular Tests and weekly Major Tests. Known for its high quality, cost effectiveness and timely completion of course, this is highly appreciated by its students.

S M College Rd, chotti, Khanjarpur, Bhagalpur, Bihar 812001


BONDING CHEMISTRY CLASSES is a Top Chemistry Classes for NEET in Bhgalpur. The attractive feature that provides our faculty and students a new pasture is the opportunity for hands on experiences. Participation in the actual field and an communicating one’s difficulties through programmed lectures and follow up remedial classes. It's very knowledgeable faculties ensure that students understand the subject in a comprehensive manner and can be able to do something substantial with it in future. One of the best Chmestry Coaching for Chemistry Faculty for IIT JEE in Bhagalpur. 

Kachahri Rd, chowk, Bhagalpur, Bihar 812001


They are the Best Chemistry Tution for class 11th and 12th in Bhagalpur. Top Tutorials for Chemistry Faculty for IIT JEE in Bhagalpur. We provide best coaching classroom system for JEE Mains & JEE advance, NEET, AIIMS entrance examination by expert faculty. The flexible schedule, personal attention, and smart teaching methods have made them one of the most popular coaching classes in Bhagalpur. IGNITE CLASSES provide high quality, student centred education and life long learning opportunities for the communities we servce. Our VISION is to impart holistic education to the student teachers for their academic excellence and inculcating National and human values in them through academic co-curricular and socially meaning activities.

Urdu Bazar Rd, Urdu Bazar, Bhagalpur, Bihar 812001


Searching for the best Chemistry classes for, Chemistry Classes for NEET in Bhagalpur. ABC CHEMISTRY CLASSES provides coaching classes for XI to XII, IIT JEE, Jee Mains, Jee Advanced, NEET and other exams. We take regular classes. Our main aim is to provide the best coaching service to our students. This is a nice place for complete set of basic and advance knowledge required for competition. 'Best Chemistry Faculty for IIT-JEE in Bhagalpur, Top Chemistry Faculty for IIT-JEE in Bhagalpur. 

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