Color Vision treatment Clinic in Bhagalpur

Best Color Vision treatment Clinic in Bhagalpur

Rank wise Top 10 Color Vision treatment Clinic in Bhagalpur

Rank Name Location

Dr Pradeep Kumar Singhania Amar Netra Sewa

Bhikhanpur, Bhagalpur


Dr Ashish Gopalika I Care Eye Clinic

Adampur, Bhagalpur


Sai Hospital

Adampur, Bhagalpur


Garib Nawaz Eye Care

Naya Bazar, Bhagalpur


Netra Jyoti Suraksa Kendra

husainabaad, Bhagalpur


Dr Govind Kumar Mandal Dev Janki Eye Hospital

Hatia Road, Bhagalpur


Bhagalpur Eye Hospital

Adampur, Bhagalpur

Bhikhanpur, Bhagalpur, Bihar 812001


Search for information about AMAR NETRA SEWA eye hospital in Bhagalpur. This is the best Retina specialist Clinic, Glaucoma Treatment Clinic in Bhagalpur. In keeping with our philosophy “every eye deserves the best”, at AMAR NETRA SEWA has always striven to offer the very best to ophthalmic patients and have consistently been in the forefront of delivering specialized eye care services for various disorders of the eye. Best Eye vision test Clinic, Glaucoma Specialist in Bhagalpur.

Radha Rani Sinha Rd, Infront of Navyug vidyalaya, Adampur, Bhagalpur, Bihar 812001


I CARE EYE CLINIC is a top player in Color Vision treatment Clinic in Bhagalpur. It's offered high quality service to the patient in our respected field,( PHACO AND RETINA ) Following facility are available at this center 1.computrised eye testing 2.Slit lamp examination 3.Indirect ophthalmoscopy 4.Biometry;Keratometry 5. Optical coherence tomography 6.FUNDUS PHOTOGRAPHY 7. Corneal ulcer treatment 8.Paediatric Refraction 9.Headache Treatment 10.  Contact lens Surgical facility. One of the best Cheap and best eye hospital in Bhagalpur.

3.   Sai Hospital

Radha Rani Sinha Road, Adampur, Bhagalpur, Bihar 812001


SAI HOSPITAL in Bhagalpur, in  its pursuit to provide eye care services offering a wide spectrum of expertise and latest equipments enabling one to treat and manage a panorama of eye diseases involving both anterior and posterior segments of the eye. It has specialty in Cataract, Glaucoma, Vitreo-retina and Retinovascular, Squint, Orbital diseases and Oculoplasty, Cataract & Intra-ocular surgery. This is one of the best Eye specialist Clinic, Glaucoma Treatment Hospital, Opthalmology Treatment Clinic in Bhagalpur.

Naya Bazar, Bhagalpur, Bihar 812002


GARIB NAWAZ is a best Eye Care Clinic in Bhagalpur. It also Known for  Service Provider of Glaucoma,  Laser cataract Surgery,  Retina Surgery, Color Vision treatment etc. It is well Equipped with Latest Phaco Emulsification machine, Operating Microscope Along with all Necessary equipments. It is one the best  Eye care clinic in Bhagalpur.     

durga mandir husainabaad bounsi road, 812005


NETRA JYOTI SURAKSA KENDRA is One of the Top Eye Clinic in Bhagalpur. It is the  Best eye hospital equipped with all latest and advance machines. ENT Hospital is a worldwide accepted procedure to correct the refractive error of the eyes. Laser eye treatment in Bhagalpur. It is  is conducted by a dedicated team of doctors well trained in the different subspecialties of Ophthalmology.This is One of the Cheap and best eye hospital.  

Hatia Road, Tilkamanjhi, Bhagalpur, Bihar 812002


EYE DOCTOR DEV JANKI EYE HOSPITAL in Bhagalpur. This is a best treatment solutions related to Eye vision test Clinic, Glaucoma, ENT Hospital, Laser cataract Surgery, Cataract Surgery etc. It is the  Best eye hospital equipped with all latest and advance machines. This is One the Best Retina specialist Clinic, Eye vision test Clinic in Bhagalpur.

Adampur, Radha Rani Sinha Road, Bhagalpur, 812001


Eye Hospital in BHAGALPUR,  is a top company in the Category  Hospitals, Glaucoma Treatment Clinic,  Opthalmology Treatment Clinic etc. It is the  best of eye care solution irrespective of their awareness, Knowledge and financial levels and for this purpose to create a pool of trained and skilled health care professionals Eye Care Center. This is One of the Cheap and best eye hospital in Bhagalpur.  

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