Orthodontic Clinic in Gaya

Best Orthodontic Clinic in Gaya

Rank wise Top 10 Orthodontic Clinic in Gaya

Rank Name Location

Universal Dental Advanced Dental Care Centre

Gaya, Gaya


Janki Dental Clinic

A P Colony, Gaya


Shree Krishna Dental Clinic

Murarpur, Gaya


Apollo Dental

Housing Board Colony, Gaya


Renuka Oral & Dental Clinic

Nagmatiya Road, Gaya


Gaya Dental Clinic

Manpur, Gaya


Kamla Clinic And Dental Care

Durga Asthan Mandir, Gaya


Nayan Jyoti Eye And Dental Clinic

GB Road, Gaya


Buddha Dental Clinic

A.P. Colony, Gaya


Jindle Dental Clinic

Ajad Park, Gaya

1st floor Road No 5/A, Gaya - 823001


Have you come by the dental clinic in Gaya? Which dental clinic in Gaya Bihar was fancy? Must be Universal Dental Advanced Dental Care Centre frabjous. It treats the patients suffering from tooth pain, hollow tooth, half tooth, gum disease, dirty breath in White House Compound, Gaya, Kareem Ganj, Saketpuri and all.

A P Colony, Gaya - 823001


When have you seen root canal treatment video? Do you want to liaison best dental clinic in Gaya for RCT? Exhibit at Janki Dental Clinic, A.P Colony, Gaya encircled by Magadh Colony and Dhansir in the event of curing infected tooth, broken tooth, tooth cap fitting, teeth cleaning and artificial teeth installation.

Murarpur, Gaya - 823001


Anticipating teeth implants cost full mouth to be two-a-penny? The top dentist in Gaya at Shree Krishna Dental Clinic will heal you from RCT, tooth fillings, gum germs, teeth whitening, and tooth setup under budget. Murarpur, Gaya, Chhotki, Purani Godaam disease tolerant have obtained long lasting services from SKDC.

4.   Apollo Dental

A P, Prawanand Path, Housing Board Colony, Gaya - 823001


Does teeth cleaning hurt? Is teeth cleaning necessary in Gaya? Consult today a teeth doctor at Apollo Dental, Prawanand Path to get rid of teeth irregularities, teeth gap, gum pain, false teeth, & yellowish coloring. The AD is one of the best dental hospitals in Gaya stick around Ram Nagar Colony and Gewalbigha.

Near A.R. Palace, Nagmatiya Road, Gaya - 823001


What does teeth filling cost in Gaya? Is permanent tooth filling dear? Reach Renuka Oral & Dental Clinic’s destination at Nagmatiya Road almost near to Aliganj and Lakhibag for teeth bridge, teeth clippings, metal crown fitting, swollen gum, & teeth bleaching. The dentists diagnose the patients with painless procedures.

Near Old JJ College, Muffasil Bus Stand, Manpur, Gaya - 823003


The length of service of dental restoration materials is a long haul as compared to dental restoration cost in Gaya. But, Gaya Dental Clinic in Manpur drawn near to Abgilla and Bhadrakali Colony renders the teeth back up, teeth pain, teeth cavity, RCT, & germ teeth removal services in stealing price and fresh aura.

Koeribari, Durga Asthan Mandir, Gaya - 823001


Do you know teeth clip types? Drop by Kamla Clinic and Dental Care for having teeth clip prices in Gaya. The Koeri Bari listed dentist will operate for breakage and damage of tooth, tooth sensitivity, tooth germination, tooth locking, and ceramic teeth. Lakhan Pura as well as Katari Hill victim is our faithful customer.

South Of Anandi Mata Mandir, GB Road, Gaya - 823001


How much do artificial teeth cost in Gaya? The price of artificial teeth types can be negotiated in Nayan Jyoti Eye and Dental Clinic, GB Road reachable from Jaiprakash Nagar, Godawari and the rest areas.  Occupy favor for dental cap change, gum bleeding, tooth fixture, tooth veneers & full teeth set.

129, A.P. Colony, Gaya - 823001


What is a crown tooth repair? Are you accustom with types of dental crowns? Overture with Buddha Dental Clinic placed in AP Colony and allowing dental erosion, smile correction, spoiled breath, long-span bridges, tooth replacement treatment to the citizens of Jagdeo Nagar, Neema Tola, and other regions.

GB Road, Near Ajad Park, Gaya - 823001


How to fix a broken tooth at home? Foregather at Jindle Dental Clinic and get the remedies for a slightly chipped tooth in Gaya at moderate expense. It had been well known for catering toothache, laser tooth bleaching, dental decay, dental bonding, and composite fillings aids for GB Road, Dangi Nagar, Bhatt Bigha people.

Near Dr. Shri Prakash Singh, A.P. Colony, Gaya - 823001


Had you cross-examined the chipped tooth repair cost and teeth repair cost in Gaya? Feeling it unaffordable? Turn your journey to Bihar Dental Clinic whenever in need of gum disease treatment, deep teeth cleaning, crowded teeth structuring, ceramic brackets, and mouth disease. A.P Colony, Pantnagar, Paharpur inhabitants have least oral problems now.

GB Road, Murarpur, Gaya - 823001


Does tooth extraction hurt? Raj Dental Clinic is unengaged to reply tooth extraction cost in Gaya. GB Road, Lalit Nagar, Jail Area survivors have elected RDC for dental sedation, jaw surgery, jaw fractures, dental clefts, and oral surgery because it is the cheap and best dental hospital in Bihar.

Near S.P. Kothi, Gaya College Road, Gewalbigha, Gaya - 823001


How to cure bad breath permanently? Take counsel for bad breath treatment in Gaya from Swastik Orthodontic Centre & Dental Clinic. Originated from Gewalbigha and covering New Godown, Ramshila locations, it is devoting its time for decay tooth restoration, half tooth repair, gum prevention, teeth gap maintenance, and RCT treatment.

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