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9 Reasons Why Video Advertising is The Next Big Thing

  • Low Internet Data Cost : Viewers can see thousands of videos at almost affordable cost. Today as per growth in technology and focus of government in making digital India, Cost of internet is going down and quality is going up rapidly in order to people come closure to IT technologies and get benefitted.
  • Smartphones are in reach : Now common man has smartphones in their reach. Mobile video is one of the fastest-growing ad formats – with almost a quarter of digital ad budgets already allocated to it – but its potential is only just beginning to be explored.
  • Higher Google Ranking through Video : Like written content, videos also include keywords that help users find the video. However, there are other video metrics which can help video clips rank higher than written content.
  • Video engages audience more than TV and PrintFor businesses, online video presents an opportunity to capture the attention of viewers with a type of media that interests them. For viewers, video marketing means getting information quickly, succinctly, and in a way that helps them make buying decisions faster than ever before not as with TV or Print Ads.
  • Video is directly related to purchase decisions : Video plays a critical role in every step of the purchase process by the consumer. From initial awareness to checkout, consumers invest in learning more about the product before making a purchase.Videos are most effective way to communicate. The Human Brain is Optimized for Story and Immersive Sensory Experiences! That’s TV! That’s Video!
  • Generation Next : Serving the under-21 Gen X is a whole new ballgame, its content consumption habits are different from Millennials in notable ways. They want to be a part of the content creation experience, in addition to just absorbing it, and they’re even more socially and tech-savvy than their predecessors. Moreover, they already spend more time on smartphones and tablets than Millennials.
  • Percent Factor : 52% of viewers take action after watching video ads, 24% make a purchase from the place of business, 30% of viewers Visit a store, 30-40% increase in clicks for more information, 16-20% increase in phone calls.
  • People love online video : In 2016, audiences engaged with video at a 60% growth rate, and 3/5 of their viewing was on a mobile device. YouTube attracted the most unique visits per month (more than 800 million), making it the #1 video site.
  • Video Voicemail (Email with a video) : Video voicemails are becoming a popular way to stand out and build a deeper personal connection to your brand or business.